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線だけのシンプルな絵からしっかりと描き込んだ絵まで、英単語の難易度も基礎単語から難単語まで、名詞、動詞、形容詞、副詞...、 なんでも思いつくまま気まぐれに並べています。
このコーナーのイラストを単語あてゲームにした『ラク単 英単語ゲーム』へもどうぞ。

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 43
vertical horizontal
vertical, horizontal

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 42
perpendicular ellipse dividend leverage rotund stab deny pendulum parenthesis shade
perpendicular, ellipse, dividend, leverage, rotund, stab, deny, pendulum, parenthesis, shade

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 41
run-down cul-de-sac wad alliance auspicious ...

run-down, cul-de-sac, divination, tight-fisted, wad, feces, pluck, alliance, auspicious, slumber

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 40
paunch girth inbound callous howl ...

paunch, girth, torso, hoe, estuary, inbound, callous, howl, talon, beak

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 39
nun fiery ingress antsy hideout ...
nun, fiery, ingress, egress, apprehensive, antsy, indigestion, scribble, hideout, waylay

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 38
uncork lucrative wedge spook tug-of-war ...
uncork, tweezers, undulate, tier, lucrative, currency, wedge, spook, barbed, tug-of-war

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 37
puny identical photosynthesis disoriented brood ...
puny, identical, bloodshot, endowment, sideburn, photosynthesis, diagonal, trunk, disoriented, brood

scavenge  らくがき英単語帳 Page 36
pompous, slippery, devastate, scavenge, devour, spawn, treasure, stash, fraction, snippet

truce  らくがき英単語帳 Page 35
siege, versatile, swathe, flummoxed, elusive,
collide, bravado, bonfire, truce, starry

gag  らくがき英単語帳 Page 34
dwelling, deforestation, nod, gag, hostage,
claustrophobia, sigh, vent, eyebrow, eyelash

torture  らくがき英単語帳 Page 33
inquire, noncommittal, torture, scud, swat, gaunt, tenacious, germinate, stratum, stratosphere

optimistic  らくがき英単語帳 Page 32
optimistic, pessimistic, thwart, shrink, wane, nosy, lopsided, shard, clump, wallow

impeach  らくがき英単語帳 Page 31
bewitch, latch, impeach, outnumber, melee, cordial, detach, earshot, artillery, trajectory

darn  らくがき英単語帳 Page 30
darn, skulk, typo, abridged, plumber, sway, burp, stack, shear, livestock

exult  らくがき英単語帳 Page 29
exult, overcome, iceberg, adamant, insulate, icicle, seismic, spindly, vapor, distill

capsize  らくがき英単語帳 Page 28
vegetate, capsize, curfew, reticent, ammunition, bullet, slouch, bristle

intangible  らくがき英単語帳 Page 27
concave, convex, tangible, intangible, sprawl, treadmill, haggard, rattle, beeline, soot

immune  らくがき英単語帳 Page 26
immune, dandruff, amphibian, tadpole, dismount, hoof, nosebleed, sniff, droppings, foliage

minority  らくがき英単語帳 Page 25
majority, minority, skyrocket, obsolete, shallow, drown, plummet, tightrope, trapeze, trapezoid

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 24
constellation, astronomical, periscope, binoculars, veer, moldy, ditch, shoehorn, reflect, reed

 らくがき英単語帳 Page 23
hush, blab, glare, rend, villain, cloak, hilt, reap, coffin, sarcophagus

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